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First Transaction Readiness

This guide will prepare you, your company and your counterparts to conduct your first transaction and ensure it goes smoothly.

Step 1: Administrators have configured Contour

Check that your administrator has configured Contour correctly and has followed the Getting Set-up Guide. Make sure that the Applicant has been approved by the Issuing bank.

Step 2: Prepare your users

In order to conduct a transaction, you'll need user(s) that have sufficient permissions (maker, checker and approver roles). Depending on how you have configured your roles and users, this may be a single or multiple users.

  • Make sure the users understand the timeline for the transaction and their role
  • Make sure the users can login and have validated their role. If they have issues, they can follow this access guide
  • If required, have your user admins create more users or edit existing ones as necessary in case of issues or absences during the transaction period.

Because users are managed by your company's user admins, Contour will be unlikely resolve any access issues during the transaction

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with Contour

Read the appropriate guide