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7.0 Release Notes

Contour 7.0 includes the following features -

Increasing network resilience

Users (corporates or banks) can now submit transaction updates even when one or more parties are currently not reachable due to technical issues. All parties will eventually receive the message when their respective nodes are back online on the network.

Reduce dependency on connectivity to the BNO

Customers can now log into into their identity, view their data and transact with other parties even when the node cannot connect to the Contour BNO (Business network operator).

User experience improvement for Corporate Export DC users

A redesigned DC Overview page gives a summary of the Export DC, its amendments and presentations to corporate users.

Split Import and Export functions when issuing and advising/nominated bank are the same

When the issuing and advising banks are the same identity, then the system now does not auto-advise the DC or amendment.

  • Import DC users of the bank will Issue the DC, followed by Export DC users who will need to Advise the DC to the beneficiary.

  • Similarly during presentations, Export DC users can now review the documents before forwarding to Import DC users, if the same identity is being used by the issuing as well as nominated bank branches.

Changes to e-BL integration

Fixes for several issues, which includes:

  • DC's drawn amount and outstanding amount would not be shown shown after an Amendment is accepted by the beneficiary
  • Even when some documents (transport document / certificate of origin / packing list) were not required per DC conditions, it would still show up in the DP
  • The sequence number (DP1, DP2) would refer to the wrong presentation when a new presentation is created after an amendment
  • When confirming and nominated bank are the same bank, the bank would see duplicate cover letters in the presentation

Deprecated APIs

  • This version does not deprecate any APIs

Installation Package

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