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Reduce dependency on connectivity to the BNO

Business Network Operator (BNO)

The Business Network Operator (BNO) node is a node operated by Contour to facilitate the management of members, static data dissemination and billing functionality. Nodes connect to the BNO to get an updated list of information of the network e.g. Members and their static data

Log-on without BNO connection

Currently before 7.0, users are not able to log on to Contour if the connection to BNO is not available. In 7.0, users may now log on to Contour even if the node is unable to connect to BNO.

Network disruption is normally beyond the control of users.

  • For shorter disruptions of up to 3 hours, users can continue transacting without any impact.
  • For longer disruptions of more than 3 hours, users can continue viewing your transaction data.

Informational banner display when logged on to Contour in view-only mode.

BNO view-only