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Export DC Overview

Export DC Overview

Upon clicking on an Export DC as a Corporate user, you will be brought to the DC overview page.

Currently available only on Export DCs to provide a clearer list view and navigation shortcuts

Export DC Overview

Clicking on the info icon displays:

  • Issuing bank DC reference number
  • Applicant name
  • Amount
  • Expiry date

In the middle of the screen, the latest DC version and timestamp of the transaction is displayed. The timestamp will be displayed in local timezone, depending on your browser settings. To the right, three actions are available:

  • Create Presentation: Creates a new DP
  • Amend: Creates a new Amendment
  • View: Views the latest DC version

There are three columns on the Export DC overview page, listed below from left to right:

  1. Version: Completed/Draft transaction of the DC
  2. Status: Status of the transaction
  3. Last updated: Timestamp of the transaction in local timezone, depending on your browser settings.