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Known Issues

These are the known limitations in the application. Please follow the resolution steps in case you encounter any of the below scenarios.


Known issues affecting both corporate as well as bank users

Sr. No. Issue Explanation and Resolution
1 If all parties in the DC are on the highest available Contour version, then a new party on an older version cannot be added to the DC during an amendment. (VTX-5365)(VTX-5336) While creating a DC, Contour selects the highest possible version supported by all parties in the DC during issuance.
If you need to add a party that is on an older version, then the DC should be canceled and applicant may submit a new DC application which includes the changed party
2 If a DC had amendments and the DC is cancelled, users are unable to see the amendments. (VTX-4983) All amendments are auto-canceled along with the DC, but this is not evident on the screen. Please ensure that no amendments are accepted or rejected by all parties before proceeding to cancel.
3 The audit log for a user's action shows all roles the user has as of now, instead of the roles the user had when the audited action was performed (VTX-5408) The user role shown in the audit log is the user's current role, not what it was when the user performed the audited action. So please ignore the user roles mentioned in audit logs.
4 When a DC application is concurrently approved by two different users, status of the DC is stuck in 'Pending Send', even though the workflow has progressed to the next party Avoid concurrent approval by multiple users. In the rare event that this happens, reach out to Contour support team for steps to resolve the issue from the back-end.
5 A printed PDF of a select P2P messages (Advice of reimbursement / Authorisation to pay / Notice of discrepancy) may not show the entire content (VTX-4904) Printing out P2P messages is not fully supported on Contour. Check the Contour user interface to view the full message.
6 When a second amendment is issued on a DC, there is a duplicate entry in the audit log on the previous amendment (VTX-6133) You may ignore the duplicate entry as it is the exact replica of the previous entry

Corporate only

Known issues specific to corporate users

Sr. No. Issue Explanation and Resolution
7 In a demand presentation, when the user doesn't click 'Save and Next' after uploading attachments for a document, an error message appears when submitting the presentation (VTX-4843) All form pages in a presentation need to be saved before you submission. Click on 'Save and Next' on the document's page after uploading attachments.
8 When an amendment is due for beneficiary's acceptance, the beneficiary user is unable to accept the amendment if there is another draft amendment in progress (VTX-6077) User may first discard the existing amendment draft before proceeding to accept or reject the previous amendment

Bank only

Known issues specific to bank users

Sr. No. Issue Explanation and Resolution
9 When a DC is issued by the issuing bank and rejected by an advising bank the DC status changes to Issued and Rejected. If the advising bank accepts and advises an amendment of the same DC, still remains Issued and rejected (VTX-4824) Issued and rejected refers to the Original DC's status. Refer to the Amendment's status to find whether it has been advised by the advising bank.
10 If the beneficiary presents the DP through a new bank which was not among the issuing/advising/nominated banks, then the new bank cannot edit the mode of transport of documents while forwarding the DP to the next party (VTX-5339) Please use other channels (P2P message/email/chat) to communicate your mode of document transport