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Self Managed Checklist

This guide indicates the steps that a Self-Managed member should take in order to investigate issues prior to contacting Contour support. This will improve the resolution times.

What to check

Verifying a service is running and responsive

Troubleshooting is the process of finding and eliminating the cause of a problem. When you have a problem with your contour application node , the troubleshooting process begins as soon as you ask yourself what happened?

A basic troubleshooting strategy:

  • Try to login in contour application.

  • Check the Float service up and running (if applicable ) .

ps -ef | grep float
  • Check the bridge service up and running (if applicable ).
ps -ef | grep bridge
  • Check the corda application up and running .
ps -ef | grep corda
  • Check the web application up and running .
ps -ef | grep contour-service
  • Check if there any stuck flow in corda shell. Login in corda shell using below command where user name is your user name form node.conf
ssh -p <port> <username>@<hostname> 

For Example - ssh -p 2222 corda@localhost

Then execute

run stateMachinesSnapshot
If the result is empty list [], it means all flows have completed.

This will provide the list of all stuck flow in your node.

Network Connectivity

Contour requires that your node is able to connect directly with the other nodes involved in the transaction as well as Contour's BNO node. If there is a network connectivity issue then transactions may fail. Such issues are generally caused by your network components (eg. firewalls, Corda float, proxy) or your counterpart's network blocking traffic.

How to check - Execute a Ping Test

Contour has developed a ping tool to enable node operators to check the connectivity between 2 nodes. Executing this test is perfectly safe, it does not create any business transactions, nor modify any data. You should execute this check against Contour's BNO node first before executing against another node.

To run the Ping Test Please follow stpes

  • Login in corda shell using below command
ssh -p <port> <username>@<hostname> 

For Example - ssh -p 2222 corda@localhost

  • Then execute Below command in corda shell. It will try to ping Contour BNO
flow start$Initiator target: "OU=Trade Finance, O=Global Trade Network, L=Singapore, C=SG"

This will provide the list of stuck flow in your node.

Basic checks for SM node Operator if Bridge blocking the connection with BNO .

  • Are you able to do a telnet test/ nc test to ping from the node to the BNO node?
  • Can you confirm if there is a https proxy behind the bridge that is sending traffic out ?
  • Are you able to take a look or send us the firewall of the node’s firm logs ? You maybe see in there TCP connection being established to BNO “build TCP connection” and then immediate “Tear down”
  • Can you also confirm that when you started the Node - you started it in the following order ?
  • startup float first
  • startup the node next. wait for it to completly come up
  • startup the contour API
  • last start up the bridge
  • Please Confirm thethe patch version of corda and contour API.
  • If you are using the external artemis broker for the bridge , Are you able to retrieve those logs ?

If you are getting below kind of error

WARN: AMQ212054: Destination address=examp is blocked. If the system is configured to block make sure you consume messages on this configuration.

There are multiple reasons that the broker might block messages from being sent to an address:

1- If the <address-full-policy> is BLOCK and the address has reached the configured <max-size-bytes>.

2 - If the <address-full-policy> is BLOCK and the <global-max-size> for all addresses is reached.

3 - If the <max-disk-usage> is reached.

  • Please check the disk utilitzation on your prime bridge component server / Active MQ .
  • Can you check if there is a thread dump created on prime bridge server ? (it may have crashed) Please check the disk space usage on the prime Bridge and HA bridge.

Raising a Ticket

If the above steps have not identified the issue, then please raise a support ticket. Please always include

  • Screenshots that highlight the error
  • Logs. Please include the following logs
    • Corda Logs - from the path /opt/corda/logs/node-${hostName}.logs
    • Contour WEB API logs -from the path /opt/api-service/logs/node-${hostName}.logs
    • Float logs - from the path /opt/corda-float/logs/corda-firewall-${hostName}.logs
    • Bridge Logs - from the path /opt/corda-bridge/logs/corda-firewall-${hostName}.logs
  • Provide the stuck flow using the given below commands .
ssh -p <port> <username>@<hostname> 

For Example - ssh -p 2222 corda@localhost

Then execute

run stateMachinesSnapshot

Save the output in txt file and sent to contour support .

  • If connection issue Please send the Firewall logs(Not corda Firewall) May be you need the help from your network team.

Health Survey Tool

The Health Survey Tool is a command line utility that can be used to collect information about a node, which can be used by the R3 support team as an aid to diagnose support issues. It works by scanning a provided node base directory and archiving some of the important files. Furthermore, it does a deployment status check by connecting to the node and probing it and the firewall (if deployed externally) for information on configuration, service status, connection map and more.

Please refer to link

  • To download the jar file send a support request via the contour support portal (

Self manage nodes daily health check

Recommendation for self-managed node daily health check. * Monitor the stuck flow of the corda node (steps provided under the Verifying a service is running and responsive ). * Ping Flow test with BNO ( steps provided under network connectivity section).