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In addition to production, Contour manages a pre-production / Test network ("Staging"), that is open for Members to connect to for testing and/or internal training. Members may choose to have multiple identities in Staging, each acting as different roles (Bank, Corporate) in order to facilitate independent end-to-end workflow testing.

The Staging network is where Contour conducts its trials. Members with a dedicated Staging Node are able to conduct transactions with parties who are conducting a trial. Please note that trial members will be represented by generic identities (such as "Bank-c").

Staging v/s Prod

Terms Staging Production
Transaction Agreements Test Live
Contour Rulebook applies No Yes
Access for Self-Managed Members Yes Yes
Number of Identities (self-managed) Unlimited Number purchased
Access for Cloud Members Paid for Service Paid for Service
Number of Identities (Cloud) Number purchased Number purchased
Contour Transaction Fees No Yes
Features Available All Subscribed Services Only
Support Available SG Business Hours 24*7
SLAs N/A As per Support handbook
Upgrade Policy TBC As Per Upgrade Policy
Corda Network Pre-Production Production

Cloud Members

Cloud members are able to purchase a separate test identity as part of their Membership agreement to connect to the Staging environment. Please speak to your sales contact.

Self-Managed Members

Self-Managed Members are able to create and connect Nodes to Staging. Please follow the installation guide for the version of Contour that you are installing and use the following connection details:

Contour staging environment is running on the Corda Pre-Production Network. Note the steps for Joining Corda Pre-Production Network, and configure your node with the following details:

Contour BNO X500 Name: OU=Contour BNO, O=Contour Pte. Ltd., L=Singapore, C=SG
Notary X500 Name: CN=Non-validating UAT SUB1 HA Notary, O=R3 HoldCo LLC, L=New York, C=US

Staging Support

Issues can be raised via the Support Portal. Please make sure that Staging related issues are not raised as production issues. Please see the support handbook for further information.