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Contour Corda Config

There are 2 configuration files on Corda node running Contour cordapps:

  • Corda Node Configurations
  • Contour CorDapp Configurations

Corda Node Config

Configurations for Corda node are defined in node.conf file under Corda installation directory, e.g. /opt/corda/.

No specific requirements in the Corda node configurations for Contour.

Please refer to Corda Doc Sites for the details on the Corda node configurations.

Contour CorDapp Config

Configurations for Contour CorDapp are defined in contour-cordapp-<version>.conf file under Corda > cordapps > config directory, e.g. /opt/corda/cordapps/config/.

Important: the config file name should match the contour cordapp jar name.

For example, for Contour v8.1:

  • The Contour cordapp jar, to be placed under cordapps/ directory, are contour-cordapp-8.1.1.jar and contour-cordapp-contracts-and-states-8.1.1-release.jar
  • The config file for Contour cordapp, to be placed under cordapps/config/, should be contour-cordapp-8.1.1.conf

Contour CorDapp configurations:

  • string, your company name to be shown on Contour, e.g. on the Letter of Credit form. Recommend to use your company's legal name in reality.
  • BANK|CORPORATE, your company's role in the business as a bank (financing the trade) or as a corporate (the trade party)

  • net.corda.businessnetworks.membership.notaryName: string, X500 name of the Notary used by Contour Business Network

  • net.corda.businessnetworks.membership.bnoName: string, X500 name of the Contour Business Network Operator