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8.1 Release Notes

As we continue improving constantly, we want you to have the best user experience while using Contour.

Version 8.1 brings to you a fresh, modern experience which makes it easier to do business on Contour and simplifies the learning path for users. Corporates as well as banks get a new, refreshed user experience that helps them become more productive.

Along with a vastly improved UX, this release also contains security and bug fixes. It is requested that you upgrade at the earliest date possible.

User experience improvements

Documentary Credit Overview

You can view a summary of all versions related to a transaction on the Overview page. It consists of the Original Documentary Credit, each amendment, Presentation (when applicable) and messages related to that transaction. This helps you to easily track the progress of a transaction at a glance and access important actions. DC Overview

DC Application

Easily navigable, user friendly application form.

DC Application

Field lengths

As you type, the system shows you how much space is left

DC Amendment

DC Amendment

Old values are striked out, to show you what has changed. The amendments will now reflects in real time as and when the change is made along with using the 'Track changes' feature toggled, you can see the amendment request with or without the old values.

Real Time changes now will appear as below while any field is changed

Track Changes

Track changes will appear as below when track changes button is toggled on.

Track Changes


Fully reimagined layout for the presentation form. Single page view for an easy drafting and review experience.


Reason for return

When a bank returns a DC application or presentation, they can now provide reasons for return. Messages

Confirmation Audit log is now visible to all parties

The audit log which captures confirmation being added on a DC is visible to all parties to have clarity that the DC is a confirmed DC.

Confirmation Audit Log

Attachment Feature is removed in the form during issuance of DC

From 8.1 onwards attaching documents to the application form is disabled and instead can be attached using the Message section to send additional documents to the bank (or any other party).


P2P Messages is now simply called 'Messages'. All messages for a documentary credit (including amendments, presentations) are now available in a central location, accessible from the DC Overview page.


Bug fixes

Issues fixed in 8.1 are available here