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Known Issues

These are the known limitations in the application. Please follow the resolution steps in case you encounter any of the below scenarios.

Known issues affecting users:

Reference Issue Resolution Users
VTX-6312 When the corporate maker creates the DC Cancellation request, the email is missing the "Issuing Bank reference no." Please use the contour reference no. mentioned in the email to search in the application to find out the Issuing bank reference no. Corporate
VTX-7391 Incorrect message while applicant discards draft returned by Beneficiary or Issuing bank When the draft is discarded, it will not be removed from the system and only the draft is marked as discarded. Hence, please ignore the pop-up mentioning "removed from the system". Corporate/Bank
VTX-6734 SSO user receives email notifications even though the Notification emails toggle button is turned off and notifications does not reflect as per the user settings Kindly ignore or auto delete email notifications from Contour, if not required. Corporate/Bank
VTX-7913 During a DC cancellation, it is unable to cancel DC if beneficiary has requested for confirmation and confirming bank adds confirmation in the meantime. In this situation, request confirming bank not to act on the confirmation request and treat request as null and void. Corporate
VTX-7914 Specifically for Issuing Bank users with admin rights (maker, checker, approver), once all parties agree on the cancellation request, the Issuing Bank's admin user does not immediately see the CTA (cancellation) button upon clicking on the DC cancellation link. It appears only on screen refresh. When you approve a cancellation request as a admin user, upon acceptance from all parties, please refresh the page before clicking on the DC cancellation link. Bank
VTX-7922 NOT ON CONTOUR visible in the drop down during application for a full flow transaction Ignore the option and proceed selecting the intended party Corporate
VTX-7980 New Confirmation bank's Application date displays as "To be provided upon bank submission" Kindly view this field after submitting or use the export to pdf to view the exact application date Bank
VTX-7976 The attachments are not getting cleared when bene changes the mode of transport This is a refresh issue which is being worked on. Kindly refresh the page after changing the mode of transport to avoid this Corporate
VTX-7996 While maker creates an application, Under Available by - Negotiation option "Negotiation Payment Details" field is not positioned under its dedicated section and it looks like its part of "Drafts at" Ignore this issue when editing the form and proceed, as it is correctly mapped after the transactions have been moved to the checker and in the exported PDF Corporate