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Known Issues

These are the known limitations in the application. Please follow the resolution steps in case you encounter any of the below scenarios.

Known issues affecting users:

Reference Issue Resolution Users
VTX-7405 When beneficiary creates a presentation and also creates a separate request for confirmation, the DC status fails when the presentation is approved before the confirmation is approved. When there is a request for confirmation and also at the same time a document presentation, please process and release confirmation and then create the presentation. Corporate
VTX-7402 When there is a technical error in the amendment due to which the amendment failed, then the amendment sequence is not reflected correct. When there is a failed amendment, once the subject amendment is terminated, the sequence of amendment will be not be in order. Please reach out to customer support to fix the failed amendment so that the sequence number can also be re-ordered. Corporate/Bank
VTX-6312 When the corporate maker creates the DC Cancellation request, the email is missing the "Issuing Bank reference no." Please use the contour reference no. mentioned in the email to search in the application to find out the Issuing bank reference no. Corporate
VTX-7397 If Drawee bank is part of the DC, the same also gets added as a cancellation request recipient in a P2P Drawee bank will also be considered as a receipient in the P2P to confirm cancellation. Please remove the drawee bank manually and proceed with other intended recipients only. Corporate/Bank
VTX-7349 Once a DC is canceled, the presentation status will also show as 'Canceled - Your maker to review' for the Applicant There is no action to be performed by the maker, please ignore the call to action. Corporate/Bank
VTX-7059 For security reasons, Login screen does not mention whether the account was locked, or password was wrong In both the cases please go ahead and change password and proceed. Corporate/Bank
VTX-6607 During a DP, user cannot see newly added parties in the P2P drop down In case not able the new added party in the P2P message, please use email or other mode of communication if you need to contact the intended parties. Corporate
VTX-6720 When trying to send a P2P message which includes the Nominating Bank and Confirming Bank that were added in the issued Amendment, the message does not get sent. In case not able to send a P2P message, please use email or other mode of communication if you need to contact the intended parties. Corporate/Bank
VTX-6640 When a new bank is added during the DP process, there is an error while opening pdf and the folder for DP is not being created This scenario export to pdf is not available as of now. Please take screenshots of the DP and proceed. Corporate/Bank
VTX-6712 Creating a new identity before bno cache refreshes is throwing wrong warning in the network tab In case this issue happens, please try again after 3 hours. General
VTX-7391 Incorrect message while applicant discards draft returned by Beneficiary or Issuing bank When the draft is discarded, it will not be removed from the system and only the draft is marked as discarded. Hence, please ignore the pop-up mentioning "removed from the system". Corporate/Bank
VTX-6734, VTX-6726 SSO user receives email notifications even though the Notification emails toggle button is turned off and notifications does not reflect as per the user settings Kindly ignore or auto delete email notifications from Contour, if not required. Corporate/Bank
VTX-6993 Beneficiary is unable to see the required advising bank in the advising bank dropdown This happens when the applicant, issuing bank and beneficiary are all using a higher version of Contour. Please advise your banks to upgrade/upgrade to the latest version of Contour as soon as possible, so that your bank is available to be selected as a party in the transaction. Corporate/Bank