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Contour WebApp Config

Contour Web Application is a Spring Boot application. Therefore, a lot of the configurations here are standard spring boot configurations.

Contour Web App configurations are defined in file under the Contour Web App installation directory, e.g. /opt/api-service.

The configurations in the file have been grouped into sections based on the categorisation of Spring Boot app properties as in Spring Boot Configuration Docs

  • 1 Core properties
  • 3 Mail properties
  • 5&11 Data and Data migration properties
  • 9 Web properties
  • 11 Server properties
  • 12 Security properties
  • 14 Actuator properties
  • Extra 1: Contour Corda RPC properties
  • Extra 2: Contour User Anth/Auth properties
  • Extra 3 (Optional): Contour-essDocs Integration properties
  • Extra 4 (Optional): LDAP Integration using simple bind properties
  • Extra 5: Other Contour properties

The details of each configurations and examples can be found in the inside the Contour application package.