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Contour Application

Functionality for Corporates

  • Co-draft Documentary credit (DC) applications together with their supplier (beneficiary)
  • Send DC applications to any of their banks that are in the Contour network
  • Co-draft amendment requests, and then submit them to the issuing bank
  • Present documents against an advised DC, including digital uploaded PDF’s or through an integrated digital document provider such as essDocs
  • Mixed presentations are supported, where some documents are paper and others are digital
  • Be able to manage discrepant presentations by providing an acceptance waiver to the issuing bank if desired
  • Surrender electronic bills of lading through integration with digital eBL provider such as essDocs

Functionality for Banks

  • Issue a DC compliant with UCP and eUCP directly through Contour, as well as any required amendments
  • Advise the DC to the exporter/beneficiary
  • Add a confirmation to the DC if required or requested to do so
  • Receive, view and verify all Documents presented against the DC
  • Return or accept presented documents including all required messages such as notices of refusal, etc.
  • Release accepted documents to the Applicant/Importer, including any digital documents through integrations with digital document providers.


  • Send and receive “peer to peer” messages to one or more parties involved in any particular transaction, with all messages directly associated with the singular transaction to provide easy audits
  • Manage transactions in a guided workflow to make next actions and available actions easy to understand
  • See real time status updates on all transactions, including who the next party to action is
  • Receive notifications on updates to their application through email
  • Manage a set of administrators and users for the application with up to three levels of approval (self administration)

For full details of each use case above, please read the associated user guide for your specific release at here