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Hosting & Nodes

Being a fully decentralised system, every party on Contour is represented by an Identity within a "Node". Each Node is a full instance of the Contour application comprising of (at a minimum) the User Interface, the blockchain middleware (Corda), and an Database where your data resides. Each Node communicates directly with other Nodes on Contour when conducting a transaction - data is communicated peer-to-peer (not network broadcast) and only on a need-to-know basis.

Members are provided with two (2) options for hosting a Node:

  1. Member subscribes to Contour Cloud offering

    • Contour manages the set-up and maintenance of a Node on their behalf
    • The Member is able to select the provider and country their Node is hosted (from the available set of supported options - see below)
  2. Member to Self-Manage their own Node

    • Member to host and manage their own node, or delegate to a 3rd party of their choosing (either on-prem, public/private cloud)
    • Contour provides the application packages and installation guides, with the member taking the responsibility to install, maintain and upgrade the node and dependencies as per the technical standards and guidelines.
    • To view the self-managed node guides, please select the correct version you are running from our list

Cloud Providers & Regions

Contour Cloud supports the following Cloud providers and locations.


  • Singapore
  • India

More regions will be added soon

Self Managed

Decentralised technology empowers users in how they share their data and how they manage their systems, and Contour provides maximum flexibility by providing a Cloud service as well as allowing for self-managed set-ups. For those wanting to self-manage, Contour provides an installation package (components and guides) to set-up a node that can connect to the Contour network. We are aware that each member will have their own bespoke technical, security and operational requirements depending on their infrastructure choices and their internal policies. This is why we provide the key components of Contour (CorDapp, UI package), licenses to Corda Enterprise, the configuration guides and an example single-vm set-up script, and then allow users to set-up as they wish.

Each dependency (e.g. Java, Corda, SQL Server), or optional service (e.g. Corda Firewall, Log Monitoring, Disk Replication) have their own customisable options for installation and member’s technical teams will need to be familiar in setting these up and maintaining them in line with their own policies.

Cloud First

It must be noted that operating a Contour node requires a dedicated and experienced project team. We recommend that all new Members begin with our Cloud Service to enjoy the benefits of Contour as quickly as possible. Migration to a self-managed node can then be considered in the future if necessary.